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From its desert along the Pacific coast to the Andes Mountains and the Amazon Jungle, Peru is one of the most ecologically diverse places in the world, rich with natural resources. Cultural diversity is also part of Peru’s story. Once home to the Inca Empire, it was invaded by Spanish Conquistadores in 1532, and later received thousands of African slaves and Asian indentured servants that were forced into harsh labor. Due to its vast territory and gold and silver production, Peru was considered one of Spain´s most important colonies. Declaring its independence from Spain in 1821, Peru continued to exploit the resources of the land for its own economic growth and development.

Today, the Andes continue to have great mining potential and the Amazon basin has rich oil deposits. Increased exploitation of such resources, known as extractive activity, has led to major economic growth in recent decades, yet the gap between rich and poor in Peru is one of the highest in the Americas. Among the most impoverished peoples are indigenous populations whose livelihoods and way of life are gravely impacted by contamination of air, land and water. Furthermore, Peru is one of the most vulnerable countries in the world to climate change. It is in this context that Presbyterian World Mission joins in ministry with its global partners, Joining Hands – Peru (RUMP) and the Evangelical Church of Peru (IEP).

Joining Hands-Peru is an ecumenical network comprised of eight Peruvian churches and faith based non-government organizations (NGOs). Network members come together to identify root causes of poverty and related injustices and to address them in their local contexts by shaping and participating in strategic advocacy campaigns at the national and local levels. Joining Hands – Peru tackles issues such as environmental contamination by the mining industry, the growing water crisis due to global warming, and trade policies that disadvantage many Peruvians. Joining Hands invites Presbyterians in the US to join with them in this work through active mission partnerships that include joint advocacy initiatives and hands-on service opportunities.

In a largely Catholic country, the Evangelical Church of Peru is a large, historic Protestant denomination in the Reformed tradition with a significant pastoral presence in Quechua-speaking regions. For more than a century the IEP has placed major emphasis on leadership training rooted in local culture through a network of Bible Institutes.

Through the Peru Mission Network, PCUSA churches and presbyteries partner with Joining Hands members and with IEP churches and Bible Institutes discerning together how God calls us to learn from one another in service to God’s mission.

Representing Presbyterian World Mission in Peru are three mission co-workers, Jed and Jenny Koball and Chenoa Stock.

Jed serves the Joining Hands – Peru as a partnership facilitator between the network and PC(USA) churches and presbyteries promoting participation in advocacy campaigns. In this role he leads mission study trips for Presbyterians, and serves as a resource to the network in Peru as needed.

Jenny is the Peru site coordinator for the PC(USA) Young Adult Volunteer (YAV) program, which sends people aged 19 to 29 to serve in communities of need in the United States and abroad. The YAV experience encourages participants to live in intentional Christian community, while promoting spiritual formation and vocational discernment. Each YAV in Peru is placed with and accompanies one of the member churches or NGOs that form Joining Hands – Peru.

Chenoa serves as delegation and partnership coordinator for the PERUSA program of Joining Hands-Peru. This program provides opportunities for Presbyterians to participate in short term mission service with IEP churches or Bible Institutes or with Joining Hands-Peru member groups.

Jed and Jenny Koball

The Koballs work with Joining Hands, Jed as companionship facilitator and Jenny as site coordinator for the Young Adult Volunteers. They are based in Lima.

Read more about their work in Peru on their profile page, which you can find here.

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Chenoa Stock

Chenoa Stock serves as delegation and partnership coordinator for the PERUSA program of Joining Hands-Peru.

Read more about her work in Peru on her profile page, which you can find here.

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The Joining Hands Network of Peru is a network formed by 8 organizations and churches distributed all over Peru. Three churches and five non-governmental organizations (NGO’s) make up the membership. Among its members are institutions which work exclusively with women, indigenous populations, rural farmers and herders, and urban youth.

The Peruvian Evangelical Church is a church in the Reformed tradition founded in 1893. Its 2,000 congregations are located throughout the country. Numerous mission partnerships are developing between congregations, presbyteries, and synods.

Jed and Jenny Koball, mission co-workers

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Chenoa Stock, mission co-worker

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Short-term mission trips can be a powerful way to connect in faith with sisters and brothers from Peru.

The Young Adult Volunteer Program has volunteers in Peru who spend a year working with members of the Joining Hands Network. Each institution has its own work in different communities in Peru, but together they do advocacy around economic development, environmental protection, and human rights. For more information, contact Jenny Koball at

The Joining Hands program which relates directly with the Presbyterian Hunger Program helps U.S. presbyterians engage more deeply in addressing root causes of poverty through global advocacy campaigns. For more information about the advocacy work being doing together with Peruvian partners and how to get involved, contact Jed Koball at

For information about the PERUSA program which provides opportunities for Presbyterians to participate in short term mission service with IEP churches or Bible Institutes or with Joining Hands-Peru member groups contact Chenoa Stock at