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Fair Wages & Worker Justice


The Presbyterian Hunger Program, Presbyterian Women and the Presbyterian Office of Public Witness are joining with congregations, interfaith partners, the Alliance for Fair Food, Interfaith Worker Justice and ROC-United to advance justice in the fields and poverty reduction for all workers through fair wages.

People of faith call for justice in the fields & an end to hunger with living wages!

Choose one action, or do them all!

Call on Wendy’s to join the Fair Food Program

Wendy’s is the only one of the largest five fast-food companies that has not joined the Coalition of Immokalee’s Fair Food Program. They’ve opted instead to create their own code, which contains no way for workers to voice complaints when abuses take place and lacks enforceability. You can deliver a manager’s letter to a nearby Wendy’s, call Wendy’s headquarters, collect and deliver postcards to Wendy’s, or use this toolkit to organize a creative action. Take Action for Fair Food here!

Become a Worker Justice Congregation

Fight to end poverty by committing to work for justice and dignity for workers. Become a Worker Justice Congregation of Interfaith Worker Justice, our long-time partner.  Pray for and honor workers, support ethical businesses, strive to be an ethical contractor, and give time and resources.

End Wage Theft

Theft of workers’ wages is an all-to-common practice even in the United States. Read workers stories, sign the wage theft petition to Macy’s, preach and celebrate workers on Labor Day Sunday, and plan an event for National Wage Theft Day in November (watch the video from 2015.)

Advocate for Minimum and Living Wages

Raising the wages of workers is the best way to end hunger and reduce poverty. Widespread calls for fair wages have spread across the country, from town squares to the nation’s capital. Learn about and advocate for the national Raise the Wage Act on the PC(USA) Washington site. Find out about local wages and current local campaigns, state wages and campaigns, and $15 minimum wage laws and campaigns.

Join the Local-Global Justice Network

Support of congregations in their work to end hunger, and networking through the Local-Global Justice Network. Contact to learn more.