First Genetically-Engineered Animals on Your Plate?

AquaBounty Still Pushing to Put GE Salmon in Markets

We began following this story in May 2018 with this story: Salmon: God’s design or genetically engineered?

Then in March 2019 the FDA announced that there were taking GE Salmon off the import alert list, but we didn’t know if that would be the last word:Genetically engineered salmon import alert deactivated

Dubbed the Frankenfish, this salmon, which is engineered genetically from three different fish, is back and Indigenous groups and allies are struggling to stop what would be the first GE animal be approved for sale in the United States.
Image shows how GE salmon is created

Consider joining the #BlockCorporateSalmon campaign to stop GE salmon & the privatization of the ocean

AquaBounty Technologies, a generally unknown brand in the U.S., plans to release the Genetically Engineered (GE) Salmon into the U.S. market this year. GE Salmon threatens wild salmon and could open up the floodgates for more GE animals.

In addition, Cargill, the largest private company in the U.S., is pushing for a federal bill (the AQUAA Act) that would expand industrial aquaculture into federal waters, confine hundreds of thousands of farmed fish, and forever change our last public commons, the ocean.

This emerging campaign is being coordinated through Uprooted & Rising (UNR) by grassroots organizers from east to west. The campaign is galvanizing student and community power to disrupt the status quo at Colleges & Universities that support these efforts and the corporate agenda behind GE Salmon and Industrial Aquaculture.

The struggle against GE Salmon builds on the shoulders of Native people who have fought the longest for our waters and fish. We honor the legacy of salmon protectors and actively seek the guidance and feedback of the elders and the energy of the youth.



GE Salmon is a serious issue AND our current ocean and seafood system is under threat of ocean privatization and corporate control on other fronts as well. Our strategic partner, Northwest Atlantic Marine Alliance, collaborated with FoodPrint to create this excellent report on “The Food Print of Farmed Seafood.”
Read the report and learn about the AQUAA Act, a proposed factory fish farm in Florida, and more.

Learn more about the salmon campaign and stay connected at:
Hashtags to use on social media are:
#BlockCorporateSalmon #KeepFishIndigenous #NoGESalmon  #ByeAquabounty #DontCageOurOcean #RestoreProtectWildSalmon #NoFakeSalmon

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