Community Food Conference 14

So you've heard about the Week of Action on Food, right? It's October 10-17, and the Hunger Program helped put together a resource guide for congregations to use at worship, Sunday School, bible study, etc… Taking a trip to New Orleans for the Community Food Security Coalition Annual Conference would be a great way to close the week of action.

The format for the conference is a little different this year. "This is not a conference to just stay in the hotel and never go outside." That's why they're offering a ton of trips at the beginning of the conference to get out into New Orleans and see what there is to see in the world of food, culture and justice.

Some of the more interesting looking trips include:

If that's not enticing enough, they've invited First Lady Michelle Obama (who's been involved in the Let's Move campaign to raise a healthier generation of kids)

Regular registration for the conference ends October 1st. You can register for an additional fee up until October 19th. Visit to learn more and register. Let us know if you're planning on going… we'll see you there.

And check out their awesome shrimp and spoon fleur de leis. Kudos to whoever designed that!