The Recovery Act One Year Later: More Maps Galore

One year ago yesterday, president Obama signed into law the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. “It included a mixture of tax cuts for businesses and families, infrastructure building and green investments, aids for states and localities, and help for those in need.” $300 billion has been disbursed so far with at least twice that amount remaining, which has created or save about 1.8 million jobs.

Check out this map to see how many jobs were saved or created in your state.

And with our sixth map in two months (See Maps Galore from  December 2009) we’ve really outdone ourselves. This Food Environment Atlas from the USDA has statistics down to the county level on everything from access to grocery stores by income level to pounds of fruits and vegetable eaten per capita. There are 90 different ways to look at this map in 13 food-related categories.