John Perkins may not know about the Presbyterian doctrine of total depravity, but he sure makes a case for it! If you read Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, I’m guessing you’ll want to read John Perkins’ latest, Hoodwinked. Jill Richardson writes a review on La Vida Locavore starting with these words –

In Hoodwinked, John Perkins exposes the rotten core of a system
that we here on this blog have been chipping away at around the edges.
The manifestations of the problem come in our lack of a health care
system, our unjust, pollution-based food system and its failure to
nourish us…

Not for the faint of heart!

For lighter education on another topic related to the food industry, which accounts for a large percentage of carbon emissions, see Annie Leonard’s new stick figure animation – this time about Cap & Trade, the proposed solution to global warming.

And if you missed The Story of Stuff, you are in for a treat.