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Foreign countries buying up land?! It isn’t the ones you think

Imagine politicians taking advantage of our ignorance of the facts to score points? Doesn’t take much to imagine does it? This time it is fear-mongering about China, Russia, Iran and North Korea buying up our farmland. This is called a red herring, a term from the early 1800s, which was most likely used first by… Read more »

Sustainable Futures Delegation

Check out this very cool opportunity from Border Links… Sustainable Futures: We Are What We Eat Join Border Links for an educational delegation on the US-Mexico border that explores questions of food sustainability and its connections to migration, social justice,…

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Good Food Revolution Hits the Mainstream Media

Last week I saw Michael Pollan on Oprah Winfrey talking about local, sustainable food. He was explaining the health benefits of avoiding processed foods and buying produce at your local farmers market. And this was on one of the highest…

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Help Earthquake Victims in Haiti

Presbyterian Disaster Assistance are collecting money for emergency relief for people impacted by the massive earthquake that struck Haiti, just outside Port-au-Prince yesterday. Your help is greatly needed. A powerful 7.0 earthquake struck Haiti Tuesday afternoon around 5:00 p.m. The epicenter was just 10 miles west of Port au Prince, Haiti’s most densely populated city. Initial reports indicate major damage to infrastructure including collapse of hospitals, schools and government buildings. Phone service is out in much of the country making communication, damage assessment and response efforts difficult.

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In Hoodwinked, John Perkins exposes the rotten core of a system that we here on this blog have been chipping away at around the edges. The manifestations of the problem come in our lack of a health care system, our unjust, pollution-based food system and its failure to nourish us… Not for the faint of heart! For equally good education on another topic related to the food industry, see Annie Leonard’s new stick figure animation, this time about Cap & Trade, the proposed solution to global warming. And if you missed The Story of Stuff, you are in for a treat.

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not yellow snow

Don’t eat the yellow snow. But this is not YS. So you can eat it! But you might choose one of the natural crystals, rather than the artificial snow on the right. Don’t know a stellar dendrite from a cupped column snowflake? Help for you is a click away compliments of Caltech.

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Feed the world? Organic will; GMO won’t: 6 of 10

Get real! The profit motive MUST NOT be a rationale for poisoning ourselves! So say thousands all over the country who are calling for a ban on Endosulfan. On February 19, U.S. groups sent a petition signed by 19,000 to…

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