Good farms capture carbon!

Car Hearing the word ‘data’ may not thrill you, but this is juicy!

Data from the Rodale Institute’s long-running comparison of organic and conventional cropping systems confirms that organic methods are far more effective at removing the greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide, from the atmosphere and fixing it as beneficial organic matter in the soil.

Consider this fact:
If only 10,000 medium sized farms in the U.S. converted to organic production, they would store so much carbon in the soil that it would be equivalent to taking 1,174,400 cars off the road, or reducing car miles driven by 14.62 billion miles.

Right now, I’m on an initial conference call of the ad hoc Interfaith Food and Agriculture group convened by Rodale. We are sorting through who else should be part of the conversation and what we might do together…

In the meantime, check out this exciting article from Rodale!

Organic farming combats global warming — big time