did the FDA know about the mercury?

If you are following this sad story about the poison within the poison…

Anitra Kitts wrote at 8:26pm on Tuesday – here
is some more info on the mercury stuff

Like apparently the FDA has
known about this for four years & done squat….?…

Leslie Hatfield, in the Huffington Post begins her article,

“Maybe Jeremy Piven didn’t get mercury poisoning from fish at all — according to the results of a new study released by the Institute for Agriculture and Trace Policy
(IATP), the actor may well have been sickened by soda or candy or
anything that contains high fructose corn syrup, which, if you eat
processed food in this country means, well, just about anything.”

All this makes one believe John Calvin may have been right about human depravity. Speaking of which – If you didn’t realize, this year is his 500th birthday. Yes, he is very old. And you can learn about the celebrations here.