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Education and Laura Zhang Choi

Hey there, meet Laura Zhang-Choi – a fantastic individual with a name that’ll pique your curiosity if you’re familiar with Asian surnames! 🌟 As a fellow member of the Korean diaspora, I can tell you that her heritage is a beautiful blend of both Chinese and Korean roots. 🌏

But let’s cut to the chase – Laura was born into a Chinese diaspora family and found her love story with a Korean diaspora family. 🇺🇸 Yet, at the core of her being, she’s all about being American, just like her entire family. 🗽

Laura’s on a mission to make her community shine brighter, and her secret sauce? A whole lot of love and a commitment to educating the children in her neighborhood. 📚 And if you thought that was impressive, she’s also a loving mom to three adorable kiddos, cherishing them for exactly who they are. ❤️

Laura’s journey took her through the hallowed halls of Princeton Theological Seminary years ago, one of the most prestigious seminaries in the nation. But here’s the twist – she only recently discovered her calling to become a Minister of Word and Sacrament. Why? Because she felt a deep need to shield her children from a world filled with hate. 🙏

Her journey into ordained ministry began during her time at Princeton Theological Seminary, but life took her down a different path – one where she put raising her children front and center. Yet, deep down, she always carried the knowledge that this calling was waiting for the right moment. When the pandemic struck and she saw the pressing need for change, especially as her own child faced discrimination, she knew that the moment had arrived. It dawned on her just how crucial representation is. It’s by seeing and believing in role models that others can begin to realize what’s achievable for them.


This is why she’s committed her efforts to promoting educational equity, advocating for the inclusion of AAPI history in school curricula, and supporting other inclusive initiatives. Laura asks, if children don’t see it, how can they ever believe they can become it?


Laura’s path as a pastor is all about fierce and fearless love for her children, her family, and her neighbors. 🌼 Love, Love, Love is her soul theology, shining brightly in a world often shadowed by fear and tears.


Curious to learn more about her inspiring journey?

Take a peek at this heartwarming nine-minute PBS video clip to truly see, hear, and feel Laura Zhang Choi’s incredible story – Click here 📽️


Oh, and here’s the scoop – Laura has an exciting lineup of upcoming events.

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