Carbon Offsets for General Assembly this June!

General Assembly carbon offset poster


This year, as in part years, PCUSA is offsetting some of the General Assembly’s carbon emissions by investing in family forestland in Appalachia. Worship, committee, exhibit hall and plenary spaces will be offset, so that the greenhouse gases emitted by our use of lights, air conditioning and other energy is “offset” by our investment in developing new renewable sources of energy in Appalachian forests.


This year, as a new development, commissioners and staff and observers now also have an opportunity to participate by offsetting their travel and hotel rooms! Included in the registration process is an option to offset each participant’s carbon footprint. We encourage this as a helpful step for each Presbyterian to counter our individual energy use in getting to, and being housed at, the Assembly.


While caring for God’s earth, conserving energy, and investing in renewables cannot be accomplished by the simple act of purchasing a carbon offset, it is one small way to put our dollars into the future development of renewable resources of energy that would not otherwise be possible. Let us invest in a hopeful and healthy future by offsetting some of our carbon emissions from our gathering, so that as we gather to pray, praise, and discern it will truly be for the benefit of all God’s creation!


 For more information on Appalachian Carbon Partnership, go to:


For those who didn’t choose the carbon offset while registering, on-site registration offsets will be possible in Detroit!



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