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Evangelism and justice dance well together in Africa Mission co-workers and partner churches embrace evangelistic ministries and social justice   by Debbie Braaksma The year was 2009, the place was Yei in what is now South Sudan, the newest country in the world. I was a mission co-worker serving as the first principal of RECONCILE… Read more »

Today’s Worship Experience

Church is where God’s family gathers ‘Prairie lessons’ help mom provide worship experience for family By Karen Milholland Alley While the apocalyptic genre might seem relatable in some ways during these times we’re living in, the characters I have found myself relating to most during the pandemic are those found in Laura Ingalls Wilder’s account… Read more »

Barn Boots and Blessings

Bellowing cows and closed gates God is offering a new field of opportunities by Donna Frischknecht Jackson   My neighbor’s cows were bellowing the other morning. Curious as to what was causing the ruckus, I went out to the porch and, looking over at the field bordering my pasture, I discovered the problem. There was… Read more »

The Church for Today

Are you ready for hybrid online/in-person worship? The next phase your church needs to consider  by Richard Hong  Sunday morning has become a stressful time for so many pastors who never imagined that their job would involve being an AV tech. “Hallelujah!” is the cry when the internet connection stays up and Zoom properly connects to… Read more »

Barn Boots and Blessings

And the steeple bell rang A rural church’s Holy Week witness in a pandemic by Donna Frischknecht Jackson   Frank, I really don’t think it’s a good idea to gather at the church. Yes, I know this is the holiest of weeks. You are correct. Easter is coming. Yes, I know you miss your church…. Read more »

Barn Boots and Blessings

Lenten ‘one mores’ Hope and love in the dark valley   by Donna Frischknecht Jackson   Even though I walk through the darkest valley … you are with me.  — Psalm 23 It is Lent and I have found myself walking in one of the darkest valleys one can walk — the valley of death…. Read more »

Gospel and Inclusivity

Pilgrims, turkey and kimchi Thanksgiving is an immigration story  by Samuel Son   A year ago, I was going through my parents’ photo album to put together a digital slideshow for my mother’s 70th birthday bash. That’s when I happened upon this photo. This was our first thanksgiving in America. As you can tell from… Read more »

Writing in the Margins

Being ‘Christ’ to one another Reflections on Ephesians 4:25 – 5:2  By Antonio ‘Tony’ Aja   This passage from Ephesians is very appropriate for the times we are living. Let me share some thoughts I picked up from an article written by John Pavlovitz, a well-known Christian activist pastor. Pavlovitz feels that the current political,… Read more »

Writing in the Margins

Come, Holy Spirit, Come A reflection of Acts 2 by Antonio (Tony) Aja   You may have seen in the news how a New York City attorney insulted people at a restaurant and threatened them to call ICE just because they were speaking Spanish. Recently the president of the United States called some immigrants from Latin… Read more »

What Presbyterians Believe

Pentecost Spotlight on the Spirit  by Katrina Pekich-Bundy   Pressed for time (like most ministers) I decided to write my sermon in the car as my spouse drove. About 10 minutes into the ride I realized I had grabbed the wrong commentaries. Lent was beginning but I had hurriedly snatched the Epiphany commentaries. I mumbled… Read more »