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Writing from the Margins

Being Peacemakers Does Jesus call us to irrational pacifism? By Antonio (Tony) Aja There is a lot of noise these days about ‘’war and rumors of war’’ from many parts of the world, including our own nation. What I mean by ‘’noise’’ is the rhetoric and actions taking place in countries like North Korea, Southern… Read more »

Writing from the Margins

Civility or Resistance? Practicing Jesus-centered justice By Antonio (Tony) Aja After the shooting of Republican Congress members by a mentally ill person on a baseball field, many of the opposite side of my political and theological worldview started to say that we need to be ‘’civil,’’ stop naming others with pejorative epithets and lower the… Read more »

Writing from the margins

Lectionary passages and local politics Writing with a not-so-colonized mind By Antonio “Tony” Aja Theologian Karl Barth is quoted as saying that preachers need to have the Bible in one hand and the newspaper in the other. Of course, the reason is that we need to be attentive to what is happening in our communities and… Read more »

Writing in the margins

Cuba: Reality, Hope and the Gospel By Antonio (Tony) Aja This time we had running water everyday for the morning shower. When I first visited Cuba back in 2004 for the first time since I left in 1967, I wrote an article for the denomination where I used the unpredictability of having water in the… Read more »

Writing in the Margins

Thinking with a not-so-colonized mind   Why I (still) love Pope FrancisHow a humble priest from the slums of Buenos Aires has changed the face of Catholicism (and Christianity) for me, despite him not being everything I want by Antonio “Tony” Aja I am a Presbyterian pastor. I try to follow the tenets of the… Read more »

Writing in the Margins

Thinking with a not-so-colonized mind   A church for white people?Your mouth says, “Inclusion!” Your wallet says, “More of the same.” by Antonio “Tony” Aja What will the church be like when white people[1] become the minority in the United States? In an ever-increasing multi-cultural and multi-ethnic society—thanks mainly to immigration as well as higher… Read more »

‘Clamors for healing’

Reflections in light of the renewal of relations between the United States and Cuba   ‘Clamors for healing’ by Antonio (Tony) Aja Note: A version of this article originally appeared on In May, Pope Francis met privately with Cuban President Raul Castro during the revolutionary’s visit to the Vatican. Announcement of their impending visit… Read more »