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The B-Flat Christian

Manna — The Biblical Symbol of ‘Enough’ How do we trust God will provide?   by Rebecca Crow Lister Does enough exist?  Is there ever enough time, money, sleep, love, faith, justice, energy or peace for us? Why does it feel like we are always lacking in these and other areas of our lives? Unknown painter (German),… Read more »


faith at the opera, Thaïs Faith at the Opera Thaïs and Athaniël by Ken Rummer The holiest person in all the land sets out to convert the most notorious sinner. What could possibly go wrong?  The story, staged in the opera Thaïs (tah-eece), takes place in Roman Egypt in the AD 300s. Athaniël is a Christian monk renowned for his… Read more »

The Neighborhood

Back-to-school jitters never go away by Sue Washburn My Facebook feed has been full of first-day-of-school photos, bringing back memories of the excitement and trepidation about what the school year would bring. The week before the big first day would be full of questions: Who will be in my class?  Who will I hang out with?… Read more »

Gospel and Inclusivity

Go Back Home!   by Samuel Son   On July 14, our president tweeted to American citizens, “Go back home.”  I’m Korean American. I came to America with my parents as a seven-year-old and I’m familiar with those taunts. They’ve been hurled at me multiple times in various forms. I want to share two of… Read more »