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A note of thanks for prayer from South Sudan

In response to prayers for the people of Pibor and Akobo counties of southern Sudan, we have received the following note from our partners in Eastern Jonglei Presbyery: Brothers and sisters in the Lord On behalf of Eastern Jonglei Presbytery, SALT (Serving and Learning Together) Leadership and the entire Murle Community, I wish to express… Read more »

Inspiring and hopeful with more work to come

by Ryan Smith On March 2, 2011, representatives from the Presbyterian Ministry at the United Nations and Presbyterian Women joined Milcah Lalam, a peace building development specialist with RECONCILE in Sudan with expertise in trauma healing, drama as therapy and…

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Prayers for a Saturday morning . . .

and other times . . . Pray for the people of . . . Yemen, Bahrain, Jordan, Libya and other countries who call for change . . . Uganda who are vote . . . Palestine and Israel who stand…

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The beginning

The official results of the referendum in Southern Sudan have been announced. The results are an overwhelming – nearly 99% in favor of secession and the creation of a new country. The referendum is recognized as having been successful and…

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The votes are being counted – Sudan

Follow the results of the voting in the referendum of Southern Sudan as provided by the Southern Sudan Referendum Commission and the Southern Sudan Referendum Bureau. The results posted are “updated from the information retrieved from the referendum centers….These are…

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Q&A: Sudan referendum

The Carneige Endowment for International Peace has a Q&A on the referendum in Southern Sudan. It explores the past and looks toward the future.

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