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Encourage US support of UN peacekeeping

From the Better World Campaign: You’ve already heard the bad news: The U.S. is in the red on its peacekeeping dues — big time. Now here’s the good news: The Administration is committed to doing something about it. Yesterday Ambassador Samantha Power took the case to Congress, testifying that next year’s budget must robustly support… Read more »

New US Ambassador to the United Nations

Today, Ambassador Samantha Power presented her credentials to Secretary General Ban Ki-moon.  Below is a statement made by Ambassador Power prior to presenting her credentials: Ambassador Power: Hello everybody. I’m Samantha Power. I’m totally delighted to be here-so honored, so thrilled to have started work as the U.S. Ambassador to United Nations. As many of… Read more »

Sand and Sorrow

I watched the video Sand and Sorrow yesterday. This powerful, touching, and disturbing video looks at the situation in Sudan and Darfur. It explores the rise of the current government and that government’s relations with (neglect of) Darfur. Those relations…

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