Encourage US support of UN peacekeeping

From the Better World Campaign:

You’ve already heard the bad news: The U.S. is in the red on its peacekeeping dues — big time. Now here’s the good news: The Administration is committed to doing something about it.

Yesterday Ambassador Samantha Power took the case to Congress, testifying that next year’s budget must robustly support UN peacekeeping and pay back the dues we promised to pay.

Thank her for saying what Congress needed to hear, and tweet this message*:

Thank you @AmbassadorPower for standing up for robust funding of our @UN peacekeeping dues on Capitol Hill this week!

Ambassador Power’s words come not a moment too soon. The 2014 U.S. budget slashed funding for UN Peacekeeping by 12 percent, threatening the effectiveness of current missions in places like South Sudan, and it provided no funding for the newest mission in Mali. But Congress can make things right with next year’s budget if they act now.

Ambassador Power’s testimony hit the nail on the head. She also said:

“Our citizens will do better and be safer in a world where rules are observed, prosperity is increasing, human suffering is alleviated, and threats to our well-being are contained. The United Nations is an indispensable partner in all of this.”

It makes a difference when our policymakers know you’re listening. So make sure to raise your voice in support of the Administration’s message and tweet this message to Ambassador Power.

*Don’t have a twitter? Then leave Ambassador Samantha Power a thank you on her Facebook!

The General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) has consistently recognized the importance of the United Nations to international justice, peace, and security. The assembly has called the United States to “assure that its financial obligations to the United Nations are adequately and promptly met“.

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