Sand and Sorrow

I watched the video Sand and Sorrow yesterday. This powerful, touching, and disturbing video looks at the situation in Sudan and Darfur. It explores the rise of the current government and that government’s relations with (neglect of) Darfur. Those relations have contributed to the current situation.

Nicholas Kristof, Samantha Power, author of A Problem from Hell: America and the Age of Genocide, and Elie Wiesel play key roles in the video. Sudanese and Darfuri voices are also heard. Senator Barak Obama is among the others interviewed. George Clooney serves as the narrator.

The video was released late in 2007. Now, some eight months later, United Nations agencies and non-governmental organizations such as the Sudan Advocacy Action Forum remind us that the situation in Darfur remains grim and the peace in southern Sudan is tenuous.

Speakers note that knowing about the genocide in Sudan brings with it the responsibility to act to address the situation.

A number of responses are highlighted in the video.

We too know. And we can pray and learn and act in other ways.

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