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Prime ministers

Rocky Walker serves as the liaison between New York Theological Seminary where he is a student and the Presbyterian Ministry at the United Nations. In this role, he helps promote events happening in the faith-based NGO community at the UN to the seminary community.On November 15, 2012, Rocky led the morning prayers at the Church… Read more »

No child soldiers: more steps on the journey

As representatives of the Member States gathered for the 67th Session of the United Nations General Assembly, several important events took place in the effort to create a world  where children are children not soldiers: On 19 September 2012, the Security Council demanded that “parties to armed conflict which commit grave abuses against children, including… Read more »

Summer volunteers work on Red Hands

  Sophie Beal and Elodie de Bethmann are summer volunteer interns at the Presbyterian Ministry at the United Nations.  This is their first week with us, their first blog with us, and their first time getting involved with Red Hands.  Below is the blog from Sophie and Elodie. More photos are available on our Facebook… Read more »