Prime ministers

Rocky Walker preachingRocky Walker serves as the liaison between New York Theological Seminary where he is a student and the Presbyterian Ministry at the United Nations. In this role, he helps promote events happening in the faith-based NGO community at the UN to the seminary community.
On November 15, 2012, Rocky led the morning prayers at the Church Center for the United Nations. In his sermon, he reminded the listeners that we are all “Prime Ministers.” Of course, Rocky meant this a little differently than our common understanding:

Now this title has actually been around for almost 400 yrs. In today’s culture, we know it to mean Head of State. But this morning, I want to give it a less formal and more literal meaning. And I also want to give it to each of you!

The word Prime has several different definitions. This morning we’re gonna go with the age of ideal physical perfection and intellectual vigor…..simply stated, it means being on top of your game.

A writer by the name of Warren Wiersby once said that “Ministry happens when divine resources meet human needs through loving channels for the glory of God”…

Now lets jam these two words together, and take ’em out on a test drive!……turn to your neighbor and say “you are a loving channel of ministry, and your are in your prime!”

And so, reader, are you.

Check out Rocky’s whole sermon.

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