Our home, God’s creation

World Environment Day LogoThe earth, God’s creation, is our home: we rely upon it for air, shelter, food and water… Yet, we humans are the earth’s biggest threat. How is it that we are comfortable destroying the very thing on which we depend for life and existence?

Well, it could be because we just don’t think about the environment during our day-to-day life. Sure, most of us try to recycle our food packages, but I will be the first to admit that when I’m at the grocery store I do not base my purchasing decisions on whether or not the packaging is compostable or recyclable. This is why the World Environment Day is so important. It is a day for us to remember to consider the environment when making our decisions. And every year as the months progress and we settle back into our old routines and forget our immediate impact on the environment, another World Environment Day comes along to force us back into action.

I urge you to take this quiz  – it is pretty fun to take – that calculates how many earth’s would be needed if everybody in the world had the same lifestyle as you. It is pretty astounding.

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