Three prayer concerns – June 12

Pray for the people of Syria, where by the end of the year, millions will have been forced to abandon their homes; becoming displaced persons or refugees without access to adequate shelter, food and water. Pray that the UN will receive the money it needs from its member countries to provide aid to suffering Syrians, and that peaceful resolutions to the conflict will soon be found

Pray for the people of Haiti, where the cholera continues, having caused the deaths of over eight thousand people and suffering of hundreds of thousands to date. Pray that the global community will take steps to solve the problem, and that Haiti will soon be free of cholera.

Pacific Islands
Pray for Pacific Islanders, who are being forced to leave behind their homes, their land, and their traditions, due to the effects of climate change. Pray that the global community would come together in support of our brothers and sisters and to care for God’s creation.

What prayers do you lift this day and this week?

Thanks to Brendan Welsh for working on this post.

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