Pray for Peace, Reconciliation and Democracy in Madagascar

The Christian Council of Churches in Madagascar (FFKM) has launched a process of broad-based national reconciliation to enable the Malagasy people to find a way out of the political crisis that has gripped the nation for more than four years.

Representatives of more than 200 political parties and civil society organizations are meeting in Antananarivo, the capital, May 3 to 5 to seek consensus on a way forward.  Please support this initiative by praying for:

  • A continued sense of cooperation and goodwill among all of the participants;
  • Humility for Madagascar’s past and present political leaders, that they may acknowledge and confess past wrongdoing frankly, repent sincerely, and reconcile visibly and meaningfully;
  • A spirit of forgiveness, graciousness and unity among the Malagasy people;
  • Wisdom and insight for the participants in the talks that they may identify fresh and creative ways of responding to the crisis that will enable all of Madagascar’s people to feel that their voices can be heard in democratic institutions; and
  • A spirit of mutual understanding between the FFKM and the international community for the good of the Malagasy people.

Please pray also that any forthcoming elections in Madagascar will be seen to be free, fair, inclusive and credible—a valid expression of the will of the people and a firm foundation on which to build a prosperous and equitable nation.  Pray specifically for institutions such as Madagascar’s National Independent Electoral Commission (CENI-T), the transitional government, the Council of Churches, and the Southern African Development Community and United Nations officials in Madagascar to help facilitate the implementation of the country’s peace plan and any electoral process.  And pray that the FFKM reconciliation initiative and any forthcoming elections will work together to create a society in which all may know the fullness of life promised in Jesus Christ.

Learn more about the situation in Madagascar and the FFKM initiative.

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