Prayers for Madagascar

Please pray for provision and encouragement for the many who are struggling, and need food, shelter, and healthcare.
The coup government remains in power, creating on-going political and economic instability, inflation, and increased poverty and corruption. Madagascar is one of the ten Hungriest nations and over 80% of the population live on less than $220 per year.

Please pray for the other leaders of the FJKM (The Church of Jesus Christ in Madagascar) that they would have wisdom, strength, resources and faith as they lead the church and make many difficult decisions.

Please pray for all those impacted by the recent cyclone.  Pray that they would not lose hope, but work together to rebuild what has been destroyed. Pray for places to worship for those who lost their churches.
The recent cyclone devastated many areas of the country, and damaged several churches and church school buildings. Please pray in particular for our friends in Moramonga who have an amazing ministry and were greatly impacted, losing 15 churches.

Please pray for the church as it continues to minister to the Malagasy people in these difficult times.
The church, its schools, and its development department continue to be the key source of help and hope to the Malagasy people.  As many NGOs have left, they continue to be a light and practical help to many.

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