Pray for peace in Jonglei

Jonglei State in southern Sudan is among the regions where violence is taking place.

In this instance, much of the violence is situated in Pibor County. The conflict involves  people of the Murle and Lou Nuer ethnic groups. Cattle raiding and the abduction of children and women are part of the violence. There have been a number of waves of violence in the area in the past.

Reports indicate that the massive numbers of the Murle people have been killed. One estimate is that since the fighting began on 15 June around 900 people have died and that well armed attackers had burned houses, stolen cattle and abducted children. Modern weapons – machine guns, hand-grenades, and rockets are reported to have been used.

The Resource Centre for Civil Leadership (RECONCILE), a partner of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), has done significant work for peace in this region.

From the Sudan Tribune: Jonglei – Hundreds Killed And Many Cattle Raided in Pibor –

From Gurtong: Jonglei Youths Urged To Reconcile Against Tribal Clashes

Pray with the people of Sudan.

Presbyterians at work with the people of Sudan.

Contact President Obama on Sudan.

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