What will I do?

IMG_1243 Participants were asked to ponder "What will I do with what I have learned?" at the close of the Fab Five Seminar on climate change and its impacts at the Presbyterian Ministry at the United Nations. Responses included:

Push my church to go green.

Have my congregation assist me in raising money for a UNICEF School-in-a-Box.

Lower my carbon dioxide footprint.

Find out what has already been done to go green and push for us to keep changing.

Save the world, go green!

I have catalogued the ideas for informing our congregation about our experience here and all the individual ideas for projects that were suggested by the youth as a result of the experience. We will implement these ideas over the coming months.

Sell fair trade products at church.

Write to our congressperson about our views and ideas on global climate change.

Adopt a highway.

Pick up garbage on the sidewalk of Albany.

Sell natural green vegetables from our garden and use the money to buy eco-friendly cleaning supplies for our church.

Hold a bake sale with green frosting on the items.

Petition my school to place bricks in the tanks of toilets to reduce the amount of water used when flushed.

Reduce my carbon footprint by walking more or opting to carpool or use public transportation.

Talk to my pastors and tell them about all the green ideas my youth group has come up with.

Talk to my parents and make sure we are using as many energy-saving and eco-friendly products as possible.

Change the lighting in my house so it doesn't take up as much energy.

Buy locally grown produce

Switch to CFLs.

Remember to reuse bags.

Continue to recycle as much as possible.

Spread awareness of climate change to my community and peers.

And the only responses to all these ideas can be: Amen. You go!

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