Sudan update: Hope for a brighter future

Sudan1 The Sudan Advocacy Action Forum (SAAF)has posted an update on the situation in Sudan. The material that follows is reprinted with permission. The update looks at issues that seem to be flowing from Sudan following the elections. It highlights two leaders as speaking in very sensible ways; we recognize that if they can inspire others, Sudan's future surely will be brighter.

The Deputy SPLM Secretary General for northern Sudan, Yasir Arman, is reaching out to northern Sudanese to form an alliance to “establish the New Sudan and define a common vision for democratization, self-determination, popular consultation and a just solution to the Darfur conflict as one package for a genuine democratic transition and full implementation of the CPA.” His is a comprehensive approach to solving Sudan’s issues. Arman also was critical of UN forces for failing to effectively maintain security in Southern Sudan. May others join him in seeking to deal with the totality of Sudan rather than narrowly addressing a single element.

Rev Ramadan Chan, the relatively new but highly effective General Secretary of the Sudan Council of Churches, seeks to get the dissident candidates to accept the results of the elections as the only practical way to move forward while acknowledging that the elections did not “go right.”  Rev. Ramadan is a servant-leader in the true sense of the phrase; we pray that his leadership and example may serve to encourage other church, political, tribal, and military leaders to serve the public in the same way. 

Sunday, May 23 brings a Hope for Darfur – Justice in Sudan March.

Check out the SAAF update for stories about:

  • SPLM calls for new alliance to support referendum
  • UN should verify north-south clashes
  • Renegade general says talks off
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  • Sudan church leader urges acceptance of election results
  • GoSS recognizing traditional authorities
  • Unity and Southern Kordofan States seek to improve relations

Pray for the people of Sudan. The photo is by Debby Vial.

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