Free the Morong 43

N300174291276_9754 Advocate for human rights in the Philippines. Sign a petition calling for the release of the Morong 43 in the Philippines.

Forty-three health workers were arrested in the Philippines in February. Among them is Dr. Alexis Montes, who has been involved in the health ministry of the United Church of Christ in the Philippines.

The charges are that they were engaged in a training seminar on making bombs. They and their supporters maintain that it was a medical training seminar. They have been held ever since. Reports indicate that they have been tortured.

Catholic Bishops' Conference of the Philippines have issued a statement on the ongoing detention of Morong 43.

Learn more about the Morong 43, efforts to obtain their release, and efforts to support them.

Presbyterians have been involved in ministry with the people of the Philippines for over one hundred years.

Participants in the People's International Observers Mission visited the Morong 43 in prison. The visit took place on their 100th day of imprisonment.

Free the Morong 43.

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