Live for Peace

Eumenical Thank You Edited The National Council of Churches in the Philippines and the People’s International Observers Mission greeted the election observers with an Ecumenical Welcome Reception and Orientation at the Shalom Center of the United Church of Christ in the Philippines. Rebecca Lawson, Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) mission co-worker, sang an original song encouraging the observers to be open to the experience and to consider what peace is. The lyrics are reprinted with permission.  

Live for Peace

Look into the sad eyes of the vendor in the street.
He lacks shelter; he lacks safety; there is enough to eat.
We try to grasp the causes of the misery we see,
but surely we agree this is not peace.

Open up your ears to tales of torture.
Hear the mothers' cries for children gone.
So many missing/gunned-down- and it's not a mystery.
The cries of those still grieving are for peace.

Peace is not a country filled with hatred-
Rich increase their wealth, while many starve.
Peace is not mere absence of armed parties waging war.
Peace is full, peace is just, peace is for all.

Walk amidst the garbage where the children dig and play-
picking glass, picking plastic
picking scabs and sores each day.
No health care, schools or running water coming soon to be,
and surely we agree this is not peace.

Smell the stench of greed and dank corruption. 
Taste the bitterness of dreams betrayed.
Those who slave in foreign lands, lose hope for coming home
Food and Freedom/Jobs and Justice: this is peace.

Peace will not just celebrate a silence
while those in need still suffer without end.
Peace does not require losing hope and fruitful dreams.
Peace is just, peace provides, peace is for all.

High within the mountains, roam the armies with their guns
Family all, patriots,
Filipinos every one.
Though some see war as business, most are fighting to be free,
And, yes it must be said, they long for peace.

Peace that's deep with land to fill the farmers.
Peace that's wide with jobs for one and all.
Peace that respects gender, tribe, age, culture, and the earth–
Liberty, democracy and also peace.

Talk of peace, prayer for peace and act for justice.
Take the hand of the poor and stand up strong.
Live for peace.  Walk toward peace.
Let each person show their light.
Act for justice and live for peace.

Nancy Eng MacNeill of the Presbyterian Peacemaking Program provided this information and took the photo.

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