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Those who cannot keep from singing

I give thanks today for those who cannot keep from singing. Song sustains us, guides us.Song expresses our deepest fears and our most profound hopes.Song challenges the powers and proclaims an alternative vision.Song leads us into living that alternative. The January Term Doctor of Ministry class meeting at the Presbyterian Ministry at the United Nations… Read more »

IEPC Theme Song

For Jamaican singer/songwriter Grub Cooper, music is not only the universal language but also the fastest way to reach people and touch their emotions. And for Cooper, the music has to be accessible to all. During the past 40 years…

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Live for Peace

The National Council of Churches in the Philippines and the People’s International Observers Mission greeted the election observers with an Ecumenical Welcome Reception and Orientation at the Shalom Center of the United Church of Christ in the Philippines. Rebecca Lawson,…

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Siyaya Tour

Siyaya is coming to the U.S. this summer. And we will share the details as we have them. We don’t have a full schedule yet — although we are looking for that and hope to have it soon. We have…

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