Health care reform fact checks

A recent post on the Sojourners blog identified nonpartisan Web sites that may prove useful in the search for accurate information on health care reform.

First, here is a summary of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) policy on health care reform.

The Kaiser Family Foundation offers a table that compares the different reform proposals on the table. The Kaiser Family Foundation is also an excellent source of resource on issues related to HIV/AIDS.  provides information about whether new advertisements, speeches, or e-mails tell the truth. As of today, most home page stories address issues related to health care reform.

A Primer on the Details of Health Care Reform” from The New York Times, published August 9, 2009.

"8 Myths about Health Care Reform" from the AARP Magazine, published July/August 2009.

Reuters provides current news, background information, and analysis that includes some international perspectives.

PBS provide information on five capitalist democracies and how they each do health care.

Again, thanks to Nate Van Duzer and his blog post on Sojourners.

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