Environmental Work in Peru Featured on CNN

For 10 years, Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) mission workers in Peru have worked to   empower the residents of La Oroya, a town high in the Andes that has been devastated by mining-related environmental degradation.

That decade of educating and organizing Peruvians, Presbyterians and various governments and environmental and health organizations will be part of a December 11 documentary on CNN, “Planet in Peril: Battlelines.”

One of the Presbyterian Hunger Program's "Joining Hands Against Hunger" networks is between Giddings-Lovejoy Presbytery and Uniendo Manos Contra La Pobreza in Peru. This network has been involved in the efforts in La Oroya.

The Peru Joining Hands Against Hunger network took part in the 2008 Peacemaking Singing at the conference Conference. The picture shows Jacob Goad (with guitar) and Conrado Olivera, both of the network, as they prepare to sing at the conference Talent Show.

Check CNN listings in your area for information about “Planet in Peril.”

The Presbyterian News Service has done a story on the CNN broadcast.

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