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Education and Indigenous Youth: Melanesians and Quechuas

by Brendan Welsh The Twelfth Session of the Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues is currently meeting at the United Nations. On May 22, I had the pleasure of attending the event on Education and Indigenous Youth, organized by the Permanent Missions of Australia and Ecuador. Mr. Joseph Elu, a Chairperson of the TSRA (a branch… Read more »

Some ideas for action: World Day of Prayer and Action for Children

Work to end the use of children as soldiersThe Red Hand Campaign calls for universal ratification and enforcement of the Optional Protocol to the Convention on the Rights of the Child on the involvement of children in armed conflict. The goal is for every country in the world to ratify the optional protocol by 2012,… Read more »

Advent devotion – November 29, 2009

Scripture: Joel 2:21–27 Hope. Talk to the land. Console the animals. Tell them not to be afraid, because we will purge the locusts and start anew. The people of the Andes feel that the earth, Pachamama, is a living being,…

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Pray for peace – July 5

This week’s Spiritual Nurture for Peacemakers includes prayers for July 4, Iran, Peru, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. These prayers may be used or adapted in personal devotions or corporate worship.

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Pray for peace – June 22

This week, Spiritual Nurture for Peacemakers features prayers for Disability Access/Inclusion Sunday, Iran, and Peru. The prayers may be adapted or used in private prayer or corporate worship.

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UN and Peru

From the BBC: “The UN’s envoy for indigenous peoples has urged Peru to launch an independent investigation into recent deadly clashes between police and protesters.” The UN adopted a Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples in 2007. The BBC…

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Hoping, praying and working in Peru

Clashes between indigenous protesters and security forces in northern Peru on Friday, June 5 resulted in a number of deaths both among the indigenous people and among the police. The number of reported deaths vary. Since April, indigenous peoples have…

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Environmental Work in Peru Featured on CNN

For 10 years, Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) mission workers in Peru have worked to empower the residents of La Oroya, a town high in the Andes that has been devastated by mining-related environmental degradation. That decade of educating and organizing Peruvians,…

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