Help the Senate Talk about Climate Change

The National Council of Churches Eco-Justice Program reports that a critical vote is scheduled for Friday on America’s Climate Security Act. This bill addresses the impacts of global climate change and how to curb U.S. emissions. However, the debate on how to best achieve this in the Senate is stalled.

In order to get the Senate back on track, please call your Senators and tell them you want an honest conversation on America’s Climate Security Act and global climate change.

1. Call the Capitol switchboard at 1-888-784-0527

2. Ask to speak to your Senator.

3. Tell the aide that answers the phone that you want an open and honest debate on America’s Climate Security Act. Ask your Senator to vote yes on cloture for senate bill 3036 – a vote that will end the stalling and allow the Senate to proceed with legislation designed to protect all of God’s Creation.

4. Call 1-888-784-0527 again and ask to speak to your other Senator and leave the same message with that office.

Thanks to the National Council of Churches Eco-Justice Program.

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