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Matching text with tune

Born on March 20, the first day of spring, the Rev. Dr. Paul Junggap Huh knew just how he wanted to celebrate his birthday and simultaneously usher in springtime on Wednesday — by singing a hymn he adapted for the Presbyterian hymnal “Glory to God.”

NEXT Church gathering weaves together stories of faith

Meeting together since 2010 as a group dedicated to “vibrant theological discussion, spiritual growth and evangelistic courage” in the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), NEXT Church is gathering this week under its 2019 theme “Woven Together: Stories of Dissonance, Sacrifice and Liberation.”

Creating a kid-friendly Holy Week

Imagine the week before Easter, if you will, through the eyes of a 6-year-old. The sanctuary on Palm Sunday looks different, to say the least. Big green branches are being waved, shouts of “Hosanna!” are called out from the usually orderly people in the pews, and the pastor talks of a parade with a king entering the city, surrounded by adoring citizens.

New Lenten devotional invites readers to pray with art

The season of Lent — which begins March 6 with the observance of Ash Wednesday — has traditionally been a time to give up something, like chocolate or negative thinking. But rather than give up something over the next 40 days, why not try something new? Perhaps a new spiritual discipline? Presbyterians Today’s 2019 Lenten devotional invites you to do just that.

Your journey to faith formation

Westminster John Knox Press announces the release of “The Pilgrim’s Compass: Finding and Following the God We Seek” by Paul H. Lang.

Presbyterian church educators return to school this week

The 700 or so people set to gather in Galveston, Texas this week for the annual event of the Association of Presbyterian Church Educators can dip their toes not only into the Gulf of Mexico, but into the swirling, often competing demands on faith formation in a world where traditional Christian education venues like Sunday school don’t necessarily meet people where they’re at.

To baptize or not to baptize?

On Jan. 13 — the Baptism of Our Lord Sunday — baptismal fonts will be filled, and worshipers will be invited to remember their own baptism. But what does baptism mean? Why are some parents allowing children to decide, when they get older, to be baptized or not? What about families who ask for a baptism but have no ties to a church? How did baptism become a misunderstood sacrament, and is it ever right for a church to say no to a baptismal request? Presbyterians Today takes a closer look.

Latino tradition enriches Epiphany

Did you ever put out cookies and milk for Santa on Christmas Eve? How about oats for the reindeer? Growing up in Cuba, I learned about these traditions from books and movies. My Christmas celebration, though, did not include any visitors from the North Pole.

Advent’s prophecies point to the hope to come

There’s a reason Blue Christmas and Longest Night services have become popular in recent years. They recognize that amid all the shopping and get-togethers, the holidays need tidings of both comfort and joy. Comfort, because loneliness, grief and pain can be especially potent this time of year. Joy, because we need the hope of the gospel.