Coronavirus/COVID-19 Resources for Congregations and Members

Faith & Worship

Washington state pastor serves a church he’s never preached in

The Rev. Crawford Brubaker has been to the town he pastors only once, for an interview. It occurred pre-pandemic at nighttime, in the small community of Buckley, Washington, the home of Community Presbyterian Church. At the end of the interview, Brubaker said the pastor nominating committee told him to come back in three weeks to preach so they could “see the goods.”

A design on ministry

Chicago pastor says crucial clergy values are empathy and effectiveness by Mike Ferguson | Presbyterian News Service LOUISVILLE — Asked what’s made her come alive during the pandemic and the Rev. Emily McGinley doesn’t hesitate. “It’s the creative opportunities that are part of this moment in ministry,” said the executive pastor at Urban Village Church,… Read more »

A visible mission against an invisible enemy

The senior pastor’s phone rang at 9:15 p.m. It was Dr. Paul Greenman, a member of First Presbyterian Church of Fort Lauderdale and the Broward County Medical Association. Greenman made a plea for help during the COVID-19 pandemic — not for himself, but for thousands of other medical professionals and first responders in Broward County, Florida.

A restorative Sabbath

A couple months ago, which now seems a couple lifetimes ago, a pastor friend described an intentional day away from the tasks of ministry as a “restorative day.” It sounded so lovely … and elusive.

Commissioned ruling elders and online worship

Having postponed until fall an in-person conference designed for commissioned ruling elders, the Synod of the Sun did the next best thing Thursday, broadcasting a lively webinar on authentic worship. Thomas Riggs, the synod’s communication and administrative coordinator, and the Rev. Tim Gray, co-pastor at University Presbyterian Church in El Paso, Texas, shared with participants some of what they’ve learned about providing effective authentic online worship.

PAM Worship and Music Conference goes the virtual route

After many hours of conversation and lots of prayer, Presbyterian Association of Musicians has decided to move its annual conference that was to have been held at Montreat Conference Center during the last two weeks of June to a virtual conference June 21-26.

Maintain that wall

Most Americans want their churches and religious organizations to stay out of politics — most, but not all.

A ministry of intellect and street smarts

As a scientist and science lover since he was a child, Fred Hanna has always found the disconnect between science and religion to be odd, if not utterly horrifying. Once in his early 30s he was having a conversation about dinosaurs with a Christian who told him, “Dinosaurs aren’t real. They were made up. Science made them up.”