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Faith & Worship

Joining in the prayer of Creation

At the beginning of the recent Theology, Formation & Evangelism ministry cohort on Spiritual Practices, the Rev. Dr. David Gambrell began a presentation on daily prayer in a curious way.

Elements of worship

A Minnesota pastor is better engaging his congregation by simplifying the names of the parts of the worship service.

‘If it matters to Jesus, it should matter to us’

Wanting to impress on the preachers in his Zoom audience Wednesday the importance of garnering helpful listener feedback following their sermons, the Rev. Dr. Chip Hardwick offered up the words of a very popular preacher from back in the day: Jesus himself.

Returning to his Red Clay Creek roots

Red Clay Creek Presbyterian Church in Wilmington, Delaware, turns 300 this year, and the congregation plans a year-long celebration. On Sunday, worshipers meeting both in-person and online heard an inspiring and heartfelt sermon from one of its favorite sons, U.S. Senator Chris Coons, D-Delaware, who deftly put into historical perspective the church’s lengthy history.

‘It’s all that easy and it’s all that hard’

After surviving a stay in the hospital following a COVID-19 diagnosis despite being fully vaccinated, the Rev. Bruce Reyes-Chow says he now counts “competent days as a win.”

New hymn lyrics support efforts to counter climate change

Ahead of Sunday’s opening of climate talks to be held in Glasgow, Scotland, the Rev. Carolyn Winfrey Gillette has written “The Climate is Changing,” new lyrics set to the hymn “Immortal, Invisible, God Only Wise.”

Scripture as a cookbook, blueprint or trail map

What do a cookbook, a blueprint, a trail map and the Bible have in common? According to the Rev. Dr. Tod Bolsinger, associate professor of a leadership formation at Fuller Theological Seminary, they are all performative documents.