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Educate a Child Toolkit

  For Congregations Practical tools and starting points for congregations working or seeking involvement with direct service and advocacy for education. Explore the Toolkit Want to start an education-oriented ministry… Read more »

1001 New Worshiping Communities

  For over a decade now, the 1001 New Worshiping Communities movement has been focused on igniting and supporting flourishing new faith communities in every context. Here is our story…. Read more »

World Mission

  A Message from World Mission Presbyterians do mission in partnership. We believe that doing mission in partnership broadens our awareness of how interconnectional God’s mission is at the local,… Read more »

Season of Peace

  About the 2023 Season of Peace September 3 – October 1, 2023 Welcome to the 2023 Season of Peace. This four-week pilgrimage is designed to deepen the pursuit of… Read more »

Environmental Issues

  Restoring creation is not a short-term concern to be handled in a few years, but a continuing task to which the nation and the world must give attention and… Read more »

Sustainable Living & Earth Care Concerns

  Sustainable Living & Earth Care Concerns is a part of the Presbyterian Hunger Program Investigating, Equipping, Embodying Sustainable Living and Earth Care Concerns purposes to accompany Presbyterians reflecting on… Read more »

National Hunger & Poverty

  Take Action on these current priorities: FAIR COMPENSATION: Demand fair prices for farmers, fishers and other producers, and fair wages for everyone in the food system. Raise wages for… Read more »

Presbyterian Coffee Project

  Good coffee for a good cause The Presbyterian Coffee Project offers a special link between congregations and communities around the world. Churches can now reach out to neighbors overseas… Read more »