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Environmental Issues


Restoring creation is not a short-term concern to be handled in a few years, but a continuing task to which the nation and the world must give attention and commitment, and which has profound implications for the life, work and witness of Christian people and church agencies.

“…Abuse of nature and injustice to people place the future in grave jeopardy….”

PC(USA) Environmental Policy



2017 PHP Impact Report

Your gifts to One Great Hour of Sharing and the Presbyterian Hunger Program make a difference in lives around the world. Together we work to alleviate hunger and eliminate its causes, rooting our work in communities through partner grants, striving to change laws and practices so communities can flourish, and engaging Presbyterians in this work—locally… Read more »

Tread Lightly for Lent 2018

The Lent 2018 daily reflection- action calendar, “Tread Lightly for Lent,” is now available. The calendar was created by the Presbyterian Hunger Program’s Environmental Ministries and Enough for Everyone offices. In Lent, we reflect on Christ’s ministry, death, and resurrection. We slow down, take time, and examine our internal spiritual lives and the way we… Read more »

Earth Day Sunday with Indigenous Peoples

As people of faith, we have a moral call to pursue environmental justice: the sustainable and equitable sharing of the gifts of God’s creation among all people, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, or class. Yet, inequities abound. To take steps toward healing our relationship with God’s creation and each other, we need to understand the… Read more »

Environmental Racism & Justice Workshop PowerPoint

In this workshop, we will look at how a concept of “eco-justice” encompasses ecological, economic, and social justice for all people on a thriving earth. Particular attention will be given to how environmental racism and classism affect economic well-being, for individuals and communities, in the States and around the world.
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