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Discover Armenia Tour: September 26 – October 6, 2019


Consider visiting Armenia with Jinishian and experience a close connection with our people!  Journey to this beautiful, ancient Christian homeland with a focus on culture, outreach, and faith. Enjoy worship, warm hospitality, and discussions with all three ecumenical church partners – Apostolic, Catholic and Evangelical. Hosted by local Jinishian team members, the tour includes hands-on visits to faith-based community development projects throughout this post-Soviet republic. Contact us to plan your trip!

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Highlights of your journey to Armenia:

  • Discover Armenia’s ancient Christian heritage and growing faith.
  • Visit with village families, farmers & student leaders.
  • Explore beautiful Yerevan, vistas of Mount Ararat and more!

All I can say is, Go… and let the people, their faith and the landscapes draw you into their embrace.
Rev. Charlie Hammil, Pittsburgh, PA

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