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2020: Conversations For Such a Time as This


Caring Relationships

The Vital Congregations Team discusses the importance of Caring Relationships during this time of COVID-19.
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Intentional Authentic Evangelism

Ray Jones, Director of Theology, Formation & Evangelism gives insight into Intentional Authentic Evangelism and how we continue to pray for and with one another, even from afar.
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Spirit Inspired Worship

This week we discuss Spirit-Inspired Worship. Rev. David Gambrell, Associate for Worship, reflects on the parallels between the current state of our world and Ezekiel’s passage of the Valley of Dry Bones.
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Ecclesial Health

Bryce Wiebe, Director of Special Offerings, discusses Ecclesial Health and the importance of a healthy congregation. “It requires evaluating whether our buildings provide access and services to people. Does the way we worship reflect who we are and is it in alignment with who we are and who we profess God to be?”
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Lifelong Discipleship

Stephanie Fritz, the associate coordinator for Christian Formation, discusses Lifelong Discipleship Formation during the coronavirus crisis. Presbyterian congregations are discovering new ways to help people live out their Christian faith.
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Outward Incarnational Focus

Rev. Dr. Alonzo Johnson, coordinator of the Presbyterian Committee on the Self-Development of People, talks with us about Outward Incarnational Focus as we seek new ways to be the church. “An outward incarnational focus is about understanding we live in a world where people are hurting, COVID-19 is showing us a hurt that is compounded by a double pandemic of racism and poverty”.
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Empower Servant Leadership

Nikki Collins, coordinator of 1001 New Worshipping Committees, discusses the importance of Empower Servant Leadership, a term coined by Robert Greenleaf and a Mark of a Vital Congregation.
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