8 Habits of Evangelism Resources

Why This Resource?
Evangelism is not a tool to gain new members for our churches. This ministry is not an instrument to help people gain access into heaven. The work of evangelism is much more expansive in its scope and meaning. Evangelism is a way of life that is formed by the power of the Holy Spirit, moving through common practices in the community of faith, enabling and empowering the body of Christ to live more deeply into the love of God and the lives of others.

This resource identifies and explores eight habits of faith, which invite the reader on a journey into the love of God, the lives of our neighbors, and the transformation of creation. As we become more like Christ, we are a people of radical inclusion, generosity, and justice. Through our worship, sacraments, community, prayer, and teaching, lives are being formed and transformed in ways that are the visible and audible signs of the reign of God. The community of faith is designed to be the seen, heard, and experienced as a representation of God’s reign and peace.
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Using the 8 Habits of Evangelism resource, these Cohorts will explore habits of loving God, neighbor, and earth; the wholeness of God: cultivating encounter, healing, and well-being through relationships with God, one another, and community.

This is an invitation to go more deeply into the love of God, loving ourselves, loving others, and finding belonging through the 8 Habits of Evangelism. This is an opportunity for transformation that will extend beyond ourselves and our ministries into the lives and experiences of others.

This is an opportunity to listen, reflect, share, accept, challenge, support, grow, and transform, with other ministry leaders.

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