What I’ve learned so far from planting plants

Bellplants My parents were not big garden/yard hobby people. They preferred to read, watch TV, do crosswords or travel. In my first marriage, my deeply introverted husband desired to garden in a personal, no-talking zone. Being an extrovert and a garden neophyte, I left it all to him for decades. Time passed till one year at seminary (mid-life & post-divorce) I bought a rose bush and put it in a container. It didn't die. Then I bought little flowers and kept them in some old wooden planters. They didn't die either. Before long I had herbs and even a cherry tomatoes plant hanging off the railings and I was happy. I had fresh herbs again and the tomatoes tasted really good. 

GardenAt the same time I was preparing to graduate from seminary, I was also preparing to marry again and to take up residence in a real house with a real yard. I started tomato and basil plants from seed and nurtured the little starts in my seminary apartment before moving them into their (and mine) new home. I just now planted my fourth round of future yummy goodness in the former sandbox outside my writing desk window. 

While I still consider myself to be a plant-tender newby, I've learned a few things along the way. 

#1 – fresh food grown within ten feet of my back door is really really good tasting stuff.
#2 – slugs & snails agree with me 
#3 – Life Wants To Live.