Still Waiting on Reform

Here is a wonderful (yet sad) editorial from today’s NY Times on what happened in the House with the Farm Bill.

The Fairness in Farm and Food Policy Amendment was defeated Thursday night by a vote of 117-309. And the bill that was passed moves our farm and food policy from bad to worse. Go to the Office of the Clerk and find out how your representative voted. If they voted yes for the Fairness Amendment, drop them a line of thanks.

We did not get the reform we wanted in the House, and in the coming days will be evaluating what our priorities and strategy should be in the Senate as they work on the farm bill in September and October. I am optimistic. We always thought the Senate would be the more likely chamber to support reform of Title 1 (the commodities title) and now we can turn our (near) total attention to that effort.

Stay tuned. Don’t lose hope. The time is still ripe for reform.