Show Me the Farm!

Raised Beds at Highland Pres
On our trip through the Midwest we visited
many Community Gardens and Urban “Farms”. (quotations mine) About
halfway through the trip I became very frustrated that we weren’t seeing
any of what I would label “real farms”. I wrote in my journal

“I am so lonely for farm country. Who would have thought that an
agrarian road trip would include so many cities. Will we talk to real
farmers and get their perspective on how it came to this? Will we meet
those who have successfully beat the storm? We will need farms and
farmers growing ethically to fully feed our population. Urban gardening
will not be able to do it all.”

I want to make it  clear that I fully support the Urban
Gardening/Farming movement. Growing our own food is an empowerment that
folks need to prevent us from continuing to blindly follow industrial
food production to a path that may ultimately see fit to fill our plates
with “Soylent