Senate’s Farm Bill barely tweaks status quo

Wheat_field_smallSpecial interests win the day
Farm Bill reforms inadequate; White House again threatens to veto

Dan Morgan of the Washington Post gives the low-down on the Farm Bill approved by the Senate last week. "Ending a six-week impasse, the Senate yesterday approved a $286 billion farm bill that would authorize significant new spending for farm programs, food stamps and conservation but would make only modest changes in the nation’s traditional agricultural subsidy system." Read more…

The Senate vote was 79 yes votes and 14 nays. Southern senators pushed through voting rules that thwarted even the Dorgan-Grassley payment limits amendment, which with 56 yes votes took a majority, but didn’t obtain the 60+ needed for passage. The Farm Bill goes to joint House and Senate negotiators, and then will be voted on by both bodies. Stay tuned for more.

Read the Congressional Quarterly’s take below.