PHP Application Instructions, Final Reports, and Other Forms

* The instructions are only for organizations invited to apply for funding. The online funding application link is not included here.

Instructions for US-based Applicants (not CBCO)

If you are invited to apply, the online application must be submitted by May 31 to be considered at the September Advisory Committee meeting.

A detailed budget

If you are requesting funding for a specific project, you will need to submit both project and organizational budgets.  If you are requesting funding for general support, you will only need to submit the organizational budget. The detailed budget can be in your own format, so long as it has an appropriate level of detail.

Current W-9 form

This is required for first-time applications or if your address has changed.

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) grant payments

We encourage receiving grant payments via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), instead of paper checks.  Please complete and submit the authorization form along with a bank letter confirming the details of your bank account information.


Final Report Forms

Due no later than December 31st of the funded year.

PHP Final Report for All Grantees – Updated 3/2022