Nathan aka ‘Man in Overalls’ featured in new interfaith documentary

Take a look at this clip featuring PHP’s Food Justice Fellow, Nathan Ballentine (aka Man in Overalls), and his efforts to help folks grow food throughout Tallahassee.

A Peace of Bread: Faith, Food, and the Future is a new interfaith documentary that explores hunger issues in a new way. The film looks at how young, and not so young, faith leaders are trying to finally make a dent in this country’s 49 million people (17 million of which are children) that are experiencing hunger.  A Peace of Bread explores the work of caregivers in soup kitchens as well as a new generation of anti-hunger activists.

Agricultural sustainability, social network community building, and advocacy to reshape food policy – these are some of the ways faith-based groups are bringing a new perspective to an old problem. A Peace of Bread: Faith, Food, and the Future reminds us that we are “not obligated to finish the work (of perfecting the world), but neither are you allowed to desist from it.” (Pirket Avot 2:16) With one in five people unable to afford enough food in our nation, the issue requires the combined effort of us all.

Contact the Hunger Program if you’d like to borrow the 58-minute video for a showing at your church or home.


Photo of Nathan in parking lot with pitchfork "Will garden for food"