Milk, from a Wisconsinite

Wisconsinites are proud of their milk.

I didn't realize until I moved away that Wisconsin really has the best dairy products – fresh milk, cheddar cheese, ice cream and frozen custards…

But this industry is in serious distress. "Dairy giants" have created a monopoly, meaning limited markets and disastrously low prices for dairy farmers.

How will we enjoy our milk and cookies if dairy farmers are not respected and are forced to lose their farms? Why do middlemen profit while farmers mortgage their entire farms due to lowest prices in over 40 years? And what price are you paying at the grocery store to honor the work of those people who bring you the calcium?

Listen to this program from NPR's All Things Considered (August 20) about the current situation, and if you live in an area with cows, give a little extra love, so we can all keep enjoying our ice cream.