I Saw God

I saw God….I stood on the moist soil of Bahr Farm and felt the earth slightly sink under my weight. All I saw was green, lush as far as the eye could see, hill after hill. I was in awe that this slice of paradise was only a few short steps from a busy interstate. Here time seemed to stop. I allowed myself to enjoy the scenery, to marvel at God’s creations. I am a city girl, born and raised. Prior to this year, my gardening experience was limited to my Grandmother’s rose beds that she nurtured in her back yard. Bahr Farm could swallow my grandmother’s yard and put her roses to shame. Now I was surrounded on all sides by rows and rows of edible plants and livestock. In comparison to what I am accustomed to, this was the Garden of Eden.

While exploring the farm, one of my comrades picked an asparagus from the ground and handed it to me. I had seen this vegetable in grocery stores and in restaurants but never had I wondered where it came from or what journey it took before it arrived on my plate. Here I was, suddenly granted the opportunity to consume a plant fresh from the Earth. I brushed off the dirt particles and took a small nibble. I was surprised by my willingness to eat an unwashed vegetable. I was even more surprised by the fact that I enjoyed it.

It is unfortunate that it was not until my 23rd year on this Earth that I began to have experiences such as the one described above. Hopefully my generation will expose our children to gardening, teach them the value of knowing where their food comes from and hopefully they will slow down just long enough to appreciate the wonders that grow around them.