Hunger costs poor countries $450 billion a year

A new report by ActionAid reveals that hunger could be costing poor nations $450 billion a year – more than ten times the amount of aid needed to halve hunger by 2015 in order to meet Millennium Development Goal One (MDG 1). ActionAid’s report scores donor and developing nations on their efforts to fight hunger and is released as world leaders prepare to meet next week at the UN in New York to discuss progress on the Millennium Development Goals.


Seems illogical, but the costs of poverty are far greater than what it would cost to end poverty!

Here is an excerpt: “Malawi and Ghana are shining examples of how supporting small scale farmers is the key to halving hunger,” said ActionAid’s Africa Hunger Free Coordinator Henry Malumo. “With only five years left and a billion people hungry, it’s critical that the world follow their example.”